Sustainable U.S. Peanuts

APC publishes first impact report from the Sustainable U.S. Peanuts Initiative

Following the launch of the Sustainable U.S. Peanuts Initiative in early 2022, 69 U.S. peanut growers enrolled to share their sustainability story for the 2021 crop year. Explore the Executive Summary to glimpse the first year’s accomplishments, and dive into the 2022 Impact Report to see how resource-efficient U.S. peanuts are. The 2022 Impact Report includes quotes from many of our Founding Sponsors, growers, and collaborators.

Executive Summary

Executive Summary of the Sustainable U.S. Peanuts Initiative Year-One Impact Report for 2022

2022 Impact Report

In 2021, the U.S. peanut industry came together to fund an effort to document, track, and communicate the sustainability of U.S. peanut production, starting at the field level with farmers themselves. The Sustainable U.S. Peanuts Initiative, managed by the American Peanut Council, serves as the coordinating point for sustainability-related efforts.

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